Shirley Chisholm : A President In The Making

I had so much fun reading and learning about this strong willed, powerful lady with a big heart and even bigger balls! Here is a bit of what I eagerly wanted to scream to the world.

Shirley C. was born in 1924 in the month of November in snowy Brooklyn, New York. Her and her sisters were blessed with the opportunity to live in Barbados with close relatives for a more nurturing environment. She began reading at a young age and thoroughly enjoyed learning. She got her passion for politics from her dad’s influence, who loved the subject. As time flew by, Ms. Shirley graduated with honors in Sociology ,and worked as a teacher’s aid in Harlem. She then began to follow her interest in politics while working in a campaign for a black New York judge and working closely with several community based organizations including NAACP.

Shirley Chisholm was the first black congresswoman in the USA, also the first black woman to run for presidency! From what I have read and watched, she was extremely articulate ,well educated and positive direction for the country.

“In our country at this moment,and for the first time in this nation, a person of color and a woman at that is running for the highest office of this land. It’s a wonderful thing to know that in spite of the many obstacles in my path,that there is such a large cross section of America who is behind me and say why not? Why not dare to dream? “

Interview with Shirley Chisholm

In 1969, Ms. Shirley was the first black woman elected to congress as a Democrat . She wanted to represent Brooklyn, New York since it was predominantly Black and Hispanic. Over her life she did a lot for the inner city , not for political gain but because she really cared.

Throughout her congressional career, she faced a whole lot of criticism and back lash , that didn’t stop her fire. She knew what she was up against and felt that the people were worth it. Truth be told, she really helped open the door for women of all color to enter the big doors to politics.

Mrs. Chisholm immaculately answering the repetitive question of why she wanted to run.

In 1972, the courageous lady ran for president of the United States of America , but failed to become a nominee. When she began to express the truth about systematic racism in the country, that’s when the crap hit the fan. During that time, she expressed her interests in reopening the cold cases of Dr. King, and the Kennedy brothers. She submitted several bill to help the working folks.

After losing the election, the authorities tried to start legal charges including misuse of funding, just one of quite a few accusations. All charges were dropped. Even after all that she didn’t stop, she got back into congress and did all she could to make America a better place for those of us who are blocked,dismissed and forgotten. There is just so much more to learn about her, I’m excited to learn more and I plan to purchase her book entitled “Unbought and Unbossed”.

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