5-0: A Chunk Of Police History  

This is a quick history blog about policing.

If you consider yourself a history buff, or someone who likes to be informed of the past, you’ve probably heard of Paddy rollers. Pattyroller was another name for patrollers, and from the beginning their main objective was to control.

The beginning of policing is still to this day heavily debated. It is said that the first official full Duty policemen were in London and started with Robert Peel back in 1829. As far as the US according to Britannica , police forces were established in Boston back in 1631 due to a lot of fighting and rioting against the immigrants trying to mesh into society.

After the year 1619, when the first recorded slave ship hit the shores of Jamestown, Virginia, there just had to be something done about the runaways. I mean, I bet they were like, how dare they try to run away from forced labor, oppression and dehumanization?

So, the beginning of slave Patrols began in South Carolina around 1704 and quickly spread to other states. After that, the system only continued to grow along with the population of black slaves as the fear of uprising grew stronger.

Patrol Rollers were meant to discourage you from running away from the atrocities of being treated like property. Their interest was not only to make a quick buck from catching people , but also the enjoyment of exercising their dominance. They thrived on breaking our spirits down, beatings, abusing and intimidating through hostile questioning.

At the time, paddy Rollers were mostly poor whites, which in fact were never allowed to be held as slaves.

If you didn’t have your papers (meaning a written and signed pass from your master to venture out) it would turn into a very big problem. You also had to have a good enough reason for them too, them trying to find a reason to hurt and abuse you, they would confiscate your food if they were hungry, take away your money and call it contraband or weapons for protection, or what ever else they’d consider a threat….. Sound familiar? I’m sure you can think of something.

There was a song about them too. It was call “Run Ni99er Run from 1851.

When it became more difficult for the Kkk which started in Tennessee, they said hey, maybe I should be a cop, a mayor, a judge or what ever title of power and continue to spew my utter hate. Great Idea! 😡

for every bad doing done by policing authorities, there are just as much if not more good doings. Not every cop is a bad apple, many of them really do care about their job and really do want to keep us safe and in peace. I’ve seen quite a few articles that barely get any attention telling us about an awesome person out there. charity service, understanding compassion and having empathy for everyone regardless of color. A cop that stands up for the little man. I really want to thank you guys for that, too.

When a police car drives by, personally I do not feel a sense of peace and protection, I actually feel the opposite. Who will they stop next? Will this traffic stop some how turn into my arrest or death? How many more of my brothers will be harassed, profiled or murdered today? Considering all of our heroes beating the streets, it hurts it breaks my heart to feel that way. If you were to ask me, I don’t feel like I could really Trust them. They frighten me, even the ones who look like me, sorry but let’s be real. If I see them coming, the first thing I do is wonder where my child was and prepare to protect him. IMMEDIATELY.

Considering all the good and genuine officers out there, it’s really sad that police will always be associated with hate, abuse of power and danger instead of what they were sworn into to do, to protect and serve.


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