How Moms Of Color Are Feeling Right Now: Nothing New

An unknown mother and son enamored by each other’s presence.

This picture really speaks to me. The way she looks at her son is the way I look at mine. In such love and dedication. I appreciate every single follicle on his head, every toe on his feet, every scar I nursed and every chance I get to say “I love you”. My son is priceless, unique, one of a kind and also black.

Today’s events must have many of you all thinking. Sounds and visions from the murder of Mr George Floyd probably swim in your ocean of thoughts. Probably more than the pandemic that’s going on right as this moment . The truth is, women like me have been thinking about this for Generations now. We carry such fear for our children , just as much  as Pride, everyday.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I begin to worry. There comes a time when our black and brown Sons will need to venture out and begin their own journey. They will no longer be able to hide under our apron. Our strong Super Mom parental Shields will have much less impact. Not only do we have to worry about General danger and violence, but also danger and violence from the very people that are supposed to keep our children safe. I must admit I am petrified. I shouldn’t have to be.

When I see the police drive by, I don’t feel a sense of security. In fact, I feel the opposite, I feel threat that I must Avoid.  When stopped by the police, I don’t sit and relax, my sweet and gentle feminine demeanor will not save me. It all depends if the cop is having a bad day or not.

It all depends if it’s one of those cops that have all the balls in the world just as long as they have a badge and a gun on their hip. Ones that need to exercise their Alpha, their Authority or dominance.

  Although the chances of women of color becoming a Target is high, our black males are the number one target all of the world. Apparently, our black males are such a threat that be kept distracted with sold dreams within music/image. They must continue to be emasculated and removed from their families Why? A black man that actually wants to be a successful father and provider is that a good thing on their book.

Our black men are the most unwanted in the work field, Society in general. unless, unless they make money. Everyone loves the most popular quarterback, they love to rub elbows with some of the best three-pointers out there. Women that normally would feel uncomfortable and clench their purse do to your presence would suddenly become extremely attracted to you. You will feel important, wanted, valued. The more money you make, the more colorblind people become towards you.

But I digress, I cannot find a way to explain exactly how it feels inside to worry about your child that way, that because he’s black or brown doubles triples quadruples his chances of being brutally abused by Authority. We must prepare our children for the world.

Our world, not the happy and care-free life of the privileged.

1. We must fundamentally teach them when to pick their battles and went to fight.                          2. We must teach them to win a different way.                         3.Teach them how to play the game  with half the instructions already missing.                         4.To be a leader and not a follower, stay out of trouble and comply during a traffic stop. 🚨  5.Don’t give them a reason at all. 6. Not every black man or coworker is your brother, sometimes people (tokens 🤷🏾‍♀️) will turn on you due to posible self-hatred. In other words just because the officer that stopped you is the same color as you DOES Not mean you’re in the clear. Etc. There is just sooo much🤦🏾‍♀️.                                           7. Teach them that making a small difference can change the world, one act of random kindness at a time.                        8. Most important of all, not every one is a racist.

Just how much Injustice has been going on right under our noses? Look it up, bet your bottom buck I already did. A lot. Like really, a whole lot of fucking lot. I guess some people just don’t care to know as long as he’s not their child in great danger. 

MY brother’s and sisters, black or brown, 🌈 or  ♿, the fact that we are different makes us a target in this world. I ask you to break your silence and be strong 💪🏾 for yourself and others like you. Let us all stand together to fight discrimination and Injustice and by the grace of God, will will succeed.

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