The Titanic: A Little Of The Untold

Just a few pieces of History regarding one of the most important and infamous man-made creations that I found quite interesting..
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Nowadays, when we think of the Titanic, we think about that extensive and Mermaid movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Leo’s boyish good looks? Perhaps the scene where they pretend to be flying through the wind during that beautiful song titled “My Heart Will Go On” Sung by Celine Dion? Maybe the scene where Kate begins to Rebel and sneaks off to a 2nd or 3rd Class party in the basement which by the way looked so much fun? Wait, no no… Steamy hand print on the car window?

Truth of the matter is, that movie was mostly about a love story that probably never happened. The details of the actual sinking we’re kind of a backstory that was unfortunate. And it flies I just wanted to talk about a few things I’ve learned over time by reading several different articles done by enthusiasts.

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Although most of the movie was fictional, a lot of parts in the movie where based on true facts. They’re really we’re all types of people on that the ship, many Philthy Rich that were showered with a smorgasbord of anemones, while the poor bunk’d on the bottom floor sharing only two bathtubs for over 700 people. Did you know the Titanic had a Gymnasium for the rich?

It Not only was set up with a breathtaking deck which the poor weren’t allowed on, but also had Pools and jacuzzis inside as well. Here’s a little fun fact, Milton Hershey was supposed to be on that ship but ended up not going. Hershey, yes, the chocolate guy.

When the ship went down, there was a huge shortage on Rescue boats, and it is rumored that some men pretended to be women in order to be saved and boarded.

You may wonder just how diverse were the passangers on the infamous ship, were they only white? Actually no, a good amount were actually Japanese. The Japanese passengers were mostly on the lower class levels along with the other poor. There was actually one, just One black family in the Titanic when it went down.

His name was Joseph Laroche (born May 26th 1889 , originally from 🇭🇹 Haiti, but spent a significant time in France. At a young age, he took advantage of his privileged lifestyle and began to to study engineering.

Image of the Laroche family, source unknown

While studying in France, he met a white lady named Juliette Lafargue, they happily married in 1908 and had two beautiful children. As time went by, his intelligence and talent for engineering were no longer good enough to hold his status and support his family. He began to really notice just how much the color of his skin hindered his success, especially when his counterparts new on the job automatically earned more pay than he.

So he decided to move himself and his family to Haiti where a job waited for their arrival. That’s when the travel came along. Out of two choices, Mr. Laroche chose the sensational Titanic.

The night of the sink, Joseph Laroche managed to get his wife and kids onto a rescue boat and said his goodbyes to await the inevitable.

The majority of the second and third class really were detained from the decks so the rich could be saved instead of them.

Remember that trio playing the music during the sink? Yes, it really HAPPENED. They really did play til the end to try to keep everyone calm. ❤️

In the Titanic, there were several honeymooners aboard celebrating their brand new unions.

The rich enjoyed up to 10 course meals on a regular basis. The families each had a fancy wood framed room complete with a living, dining area and bedroom, while the third class shared on room with a few bunks and tiny window or probably none.

A guy in charge of looking out for iceburgs, attached an apology not to his binoculars, found years and years later.

A real survivor actually starred in the first original movie about the Titanic created a few years later. She even wore the real outfit she had on during the sink in the movie. The movie was a success ,but unfortunately it is believed that the only copy burned in a fire.

Pieces of the ship and several artifacts are still in tact for the puble to see and learn from. I enjoyed learning these things, and now I can look at that romantic flick with different perspectives..

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