Depression, You Sneaky Devil

Just letting you know I am in no way shape or form a mental health professional. My writings on this blog, consists of life experiences and such

You ever wake up one morning, and the passion for your interest, career or hobby just.. wasn’t there?You ever felt sad and didn’t know why? And if you did know why, was talking about it to your loved one helpful? How do you really know if you are suffering from a mental disorder, or just having one of those days?

If you are suffering with one of these, it is possible that you are dealing with depression.

  • Loss of interest in your favorite activities
  • you can sleep all day but you’re still tired
  • you may struggle with showing emotion good or bad you might have trouble staying focused or multitasking
  • an increased or decreased appetite
  • sex has become a bore or it has become mechanical for you
  • gaining or losing weight
  • Sudden and unstable mood swings
  • you’ve just stopped caring
  • you feel numb emotionally

And those are just some of the symptoms or signs of depression. Or, you might just be having a shity week or two.

You may not know for sure if you don’t go to a Professional. If you feel it is necessary, please seek professional help, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Please be careful with substance abuse, and no I don’t just mean drugs and alcohol. During these stressful times, a lot of us are going to gain a couple pounds or more. Stress eating is one of the most common of eating disorders. When we stress eat, it’s usually emotion-driven.

But on a positive note, the safer at home order can be a dream come true for some of us! It’s an opportunity to improve ourselves. We can take this time to rebuild and restore our relationships with family. We can work on a hobby we’ve been too busy to enjoy. Perhaps we can build healthy habits and end bad ones.

I’m currently trying to quit smoking. In the same breath, I have changed my eating habits, and have begun being more active. Eating differently alone has helped me lose weight already. We can take this time to teach the young ones about old school board games and the joy of reading! Keep those kids off of Tik Tok and shower them with interesting literature! Do they know the fun of double dutch? Ever thought about learning a new language? Take this opportunity and turn it into a positive. Please stay safe out there all of you. Peace.

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