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Just letting you know, I’m in no way shape or form a mental health professional. Though, I have dabbled into that world through college, and dealt with life struggles.

Even though it’s a great idea to slow the spike, grand social isolation to diminish Colvin 19 is taking a big toll on us as a society. Nowadays, we are worrying more than ever. Somebody around you is stressing more then ever before. Right now, nothing is normal.

Let’s take the current day for example, as some of us are struggling with not being able to work our jobs, others are dreading leaving the house every morning and exposing themselves and their families to covid.  All this and it’s just the beginning of the week. Both groups get the short end of the stick simultaneously.

When just about everyone struggling received that stimulus check, some of us were able to splurge. I’m sure that many people headed to the store and hoarded whatever they thought was essential. impulse buying has been at an all time high! it’s like an additional tax refund splurge! Some families thought smart and shoved those funds into a savings account. either way, that money was a Bittersweet blessing. Paying a couple months of rent, resolving an important Bill, maybe water. That money helped fill empty tummies at night.

I’m just rambling about my concern with people’s Mental Health before, during and after this pandemic.  I worry about those of us suffering with extra anxiety, loss of Interest in life, the ones who live alone and feel more isolated now than ever. What about the ones who can’t take it? The ones who end it all. Just because we don’t hear about it on the news doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Every night before I pray for the world. No really, I do. I pray for all of us. I worry a little more about my family, a little more about yours. I pray a little harder for those unable just stay safe at home. I often worry about those who suffer with cabin fever, sometimes staying at home can feel but you’re in prison.

I guess I am the exact opposite, staying at home for me is simply dwelling in My Sanctuary. I have no trouble with it at all! Of course that’s coming from someone who’s introverted. I feel really sorry for those losing their minds well I am defragmenting mine. some of us are slowly putting our pieces together, while others are losing their marbles.

What do you do if it is not safe at home? What if you in fact feel unsafe? Not everybody has a happy family.

During these days we must do everything possible to keep a positive mind. It is essential to keep our physical and mental health from falling. Please check and call on your loved ones, feed your spirit with positivity and meditation. For this blog I have no exact point, I only hope for everyone to stay safe and healthy.

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