Stuck at home? Five Ways to Calm Your Anxiety and Restlessness

I’m no expert, but these seem to help me.

1. Journal. Writing down your racing thoughts can actually ease them. Write about how you’re feeling. Write everything you dare not to say to someone else. Your deepest most inner thoughts. Having a diary doesn’t always have to involve drama. It’s also healthy to write down positive things as well. You can start to plan for your next goal, and write about your aspirations in detail. Maybe write a letter to someone that you miss and are unable to see your contact.

2. Play Some Tunes. Now, I don’t mean blasting your favorite alternative rock Playlist or some old school DMX. I suggest a more soothing and quiet genre. perhaps meditation music, smooth jazz can help relax your mind. Also there are options for playing nature sounds as well, such as ocean sounds, rain, snow storm, Etc. Sometimes the sweet nothingness of these can help soothe the spirit.

3. Finally Clean Up and Organize. Ever put off reorganizing your messy closet? Why not start now? Clutter is a known factor for causing uncomfortable feelings for people such as anxiety, sadness, and feeling overwhelmed. Why not grab a big trash bag and begin filling it with non essentials? You haven’t worn those shoes in over two years, why keep them? They could easily bring happiness to someone else. You can also make this a fun learning experience for kids. Teach them about organization and how fun it can be to have a nice clean room. Talk to them about those toys they never ever play with and how happy they can make other children by donating. Help them learn how to make logical decisions on what toys to keep and what toys to donate. This will be a strong suit in their adulthood. Cleaning up can also be quite therapeutic wow extremely put productive for your help. Nothing relieves stress like a clean and neat home. So do it, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

4. Get Off the Couch and Tone up! Another excellent stress reliever is exercise. Exercise can definitely help relax your muscles and mind. This can serve as not only a great opportunity to start a good habit, but it can help you lower your anxiety and boost happiness. Doesn’t the thought of melting away your love handles make you happy too? Dance is another great alternative to traditional exercise.

5. Put your phone down . Staring at your phone all day is not the best for your eyesight and it doesn’t help your well-being either. Social media has a long history of causing potential issues such as depression, anxiety and even poor sleep. You may think distracting yourself with funny Tik Tok videos or Facebook scrolling can help you feel better, it can actually be doing more harm than good. Why not interact with the people at home with you now? You should not feel the need to distract yourself from a problem. Addressing the problem is best. Finding a solution is even better. And please don’t binge read the news. I’m not suggesting to not stay informed, but keep it at a minimum. if you’re looking for a Pastime, consider alternatives. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, plan for an awesome family movie night. How about a board game? Puzzles are also excellent pass times while exercising your brain. Reconnect with your family. Regroup yourself. Last but not least, why not catch up on some lost sleep?

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