So, What Now?

So people, here we are, in a confusing crossroad of dread or optimism. This thing about the new virus has really taken a toll on how we now lead our everyday lives. Some people are extremely panicked and expect the ought most worst , others think all this has been completely blown out of proportion(for one reason or another, the government’s doings or politics, control, etc), and the rest are undecided and just coasting,

It seems like every time we turn on the news, it is nothing new. The topic of every minute of every day now is about the Coronavirus. The origin of this nasty case is extremely controversial, some claim it comes from eating taboo animals around the world, others say it comes from the backs of bats. Instead of doing their own research, everyone else just repeats what they see on social media, its from China or Chinese people.

I’m so overwhelmed with this that I refuse to read more about its origin,all I know is that this chaos has disturbed our way of life and I worry about my family even more. A week ago I started reading about how stores and restaurants begin to close or limit their doors to the public due to the outbreak, next thing that came to mind was about the children. My friend and I were JUST saying “hey, what they need to do is cancel school for a while, either way i think I’m gonna take my kid out for safety.” That following Friday, I saw that the governer DID cancel school for a month, what a relief that was! Right?

Less than a week later its no longer a month, the word used now is INDEFINITELY. Indefinitely? Are y’all for real? Wait, no way! Now my mind has skated off rink relief and has landed on thin ass ice. What do you mean the public and private schools will be closed indefinitely? What? No coffee at the local Speedway? Coffee?? Every time I head to the store there is not a single square of toiletry. Thank goodness for my natural impulsiveness, We had bulks of it before this whole virus thing became alarming.

Truth is, I have always been a survivalist in nature, always a just in case type of lady. However, living in times like this shows that I was not all the way prepared like I wanted to believe. Yes we have loads of peanut butter, canned goods and what not but in my spirit , there is a sense of worry. If it wasn’t for my faith in GOD, I think my anxiety would have won the power struggle.

I mean I’m just not getting out of my depression funk this year, I have had more good days than bad and my mental has been recovering, even started working on my activities again. Now this. All in all, I do not suffer that much because I have always been more of a homebody , but what about our fellow extroverts? The ones who need often social environments to be OK? Smh, I feel for y’all.

About Speedway, A couple days ago we headed over there to refuel. After they announced the self service thing was out for a while, I left and waited in the car for my spouse. While I waiting, I observed all the people coming in and leaving right back out looking very disappointed. What stuck out to me was that from all 13 people walking in , only ONE used their sleeve to touch the door handle/door. just one! I’m thinking wow! and OMG then some touch your faces??NOOOOOO !!! I mean I am all for us going on with our lives but these days it certainly wouldn’t hurt to be a tad bit more careful , just saying.

At this point, we may need to use this opportunity as a time for reflaction and healing. As for this time, we are not as busy as we prefer to be so now sit down and look at the big picture. Ask your self, before this virus outbreak, were you indeed happy in life? Have you accomplished anything important to you? Do you like the person you see in the mirror? Have you really been washing your hands properly? Are you more aware of the germs and bacteria? Do you plan to be more careful? I mean, the inner questions are endless.

Maybe now is a great time to begin a good habit, or breaking a very bad one through detox. I wish and pray for everyone’s safety and good health. Peace.

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