An Underground Railroad Right Here In Wisconsin!
An underground railroad is not an actual railroad. Its a system that was created to secretly help slaves escape to freedom.

Milton House museum is based on a beautiful and old building that was originally built as in Underground Railroad in Wisconsin. Considering the history of the KKK in parts of Madison Wisconsin, this is indeed a big deal! This building was created by architect and founder Joseph Goodrich. He and his wife Nancy were disgusted by the oppresssion and dehumanization that they wanted to make a difference.

Mr. Goodrich, a Baptist abolitionist, came here a couple years before, with his two friends , they traveled the Great Lakes from New York and ended up in Milwaukee . Can you believe that they walked from Milwaukee all the way to Milton in Rock County? While building the Milton House which took like 5 years, Mr. Goodrich and two other men lived in a small cabin on the same property. It was built in 1844. Since then it has been restored and listed on the national register of historic places.

This beautiful piece of history is open to the public to get a quick field and glimpse of the Erie past. There’s actually a secret 45-foot tunnel underground from the seller of the Milton House going to the cabin. The slaves would come in through the cabin into the tunnel and proceed to the Milton House where they would have shelter, food and some time to sleep until the next abolitionists would come get them.

Milton House Is Not only open for the public to learn, but you can actually stay there a night or too! To learn far more, please click the link above. Peace.

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