4 Common And Not So Common Cold & Flu Home Remedies

Ugh, not again!!

We’ve all been there, one day merrily enjoying your favorite activity and you suddenly sneeze! You think to yourself “Meh, just random, moving on.” Then the next day, your yummy breakfast may taste a little more bland than usual. What’s up with that? Before you know it, yesterdays’ sneeze turns into today’s stuffy nose, and that eventually turns into the worlds most awesome person ever (you) slugging onto the couch along with a roll of tissue and the favorite blankey.

A sudden cold or flu can put a damper on anyone’s life. Who has time to sit around with tissue stuffed in their nose? There is money to be made, cookies to be baked, walls to be painted, a bucket list to empty, ect. While the ultimate quick fix is to drag yourself into the drugstore, not everyone wants to turn to man-made medication. Here I will leave some cool at home stuff that can really help your illness pass on.

  1. Yes, Chicken Soup is number one! Chicken soup is probably one of the most popular home remedies to help fight your pesky cold/flu. It’s soothing and can be very tasty! If you ask me, I’d shy away from canned and go with home-made soup, that way you can make it your own. The trick is to eat it while it’s hot, as that can help get rid of that annoying phlegm stuck in your throat. The salt content will encourage you to drink more fluids that will help flush away your sickness, and the salt will work just like a saltwater gargle, it will help kill bacteria and soothe a sore throat. (If you’re into spicy food, add some red pepper flakes or your favorite hot sauce for a kick that can help a lot with nasal congestion!)

2. Eat A Clove Of Garlic. While the idea of chomping a piece of garlic is not really pallet able, it can slice your cold time in half! Garlic is very powerful, in taste for our yummy meals and even to keep the vamps away. Garlic also has the power to heal since its a natural antibiotic and antioxidant too. Afterward, it would be a good idea to brush your teeth and gargle. Just saying.

3.The Power Of Tea A cup of tea doesn’t always have to be plain and simple, it can also help you heal within. It all depends on what you add to it. Not only try adding lemon and honey, also consider dropping in a cough drop or two. It can help soothe your sore throat inflammation.

4.Peroxide Is Your Friend when you are suffering through a cold or flu, a lot of your discomfort concentrates in your throat, nasal passages as well. brushing your teeth often can help kill and dissolve the bacteria wrecking havoc in your mouth. In order to tackle those pesky cold germs, try rinsing your mouth with peroxide. don’t swallow, toss a cap full back of the peroxide into your mouth, Swish and let it Bubble Up in a frenzy. The bubbling action is actually germs being switched into pieces! No worries, they had it coming. After a minute or two, don’t spit it out yet but begin to brush with your normal toothpaste. The action between the toothpaste and peroxide is going to help you feel better even faster. It might even cut your sore throat time in half! Don’t forget to gargle!

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