Put It Down- LIVE A Lot More

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that I can pick up my cell phone at least 50 times a day. To look at what? Facebook? ask Google something? Maybe I kind of feel like splurging real quick on Amazon. I realize that I literally use my phone for just about everything else except for really calling people. In fact, I even kind of hate when my phone rings in the first place! If you’re real the only people I have interest in calling me is my family , our kids school, And my job. But the calls that I mostly get are marked as scam likely, and my spirit runs away from 1-800 ANYTHING numbers.

I’m telling you, I have his phone hooked up, and not only has 24 hour weather, 24-hour carb counter, 24-hour reminder, yoga app, even old games and other shit i never use. I list my blog topics on a notepad…. app, I’m constantly using the calculator….app because I often think of numbers. I mean, what do I do if the cat does something extremely video picture worthy? And I don’t have my phone? I’ll tell you, enjoy the freaking moment and move the fuck on!

Frankly, I can care less about what everybody is doing, as long as they are happy and breathing and healthy and eating every night and staying safe, do you boo boo! Do you. When I scroll down Facebook, I just don’t see anything interesting anymore. I mean besides those fun DIYs’ or those yummy recipe videos. To each his own. If looking at grossly funny videos, people making a fool or spectacle of themselves for the new age accolade called likes is your thing, than go nuts!

It’s a great idea to have it on you while you’re out, just in case you need to be reached over an emergency or vice versa. I even think it’s fine to leave it on the table with high value while you’re doing your housework, as long as you’re doing, something else besides staring into your phone for hours at a time. I can use myself as an example, I definitely enjoy the apps on my phone. However, I crave for opportunities to put this fucker down. Sometimes I purposely toss it on the bed and walk away, feels great. Then when I do that, I usually come back to a missed call or two, no big deal.

As time goes by, it makes me wonder… Was I always this introverted? or did having optional communication at the tips of my sausage fingers make me picky? Picky as in with situations I choose or choose not to deal with. Come to think of it, yes I’ve always been this introverted. Having the phone helped it stay easy. This matter makes me think about just how much time haas changed.

Quick example; the last few parties/events my love and I went too, just a few people along with us would be on the dance floor. Most of the dancing clusters are normally 30 and up, and the few youngins would basically just twerk or do that weird (to me!) new age stuff. Everyone else either sat down and swung their shoulders to the beat, or stood by the bar likely on their phone. What happened? Was it the phones? Which is the internet? what has made social physical interaction so freaking awkward? Why get dressed up and come to a dance party just to scroll on Facebook? Why go to a SOCIAL GATHERING to NOT be social?

Try these tips!

Nothing wrong with silence! Our brains really don’t have to be stimulated 24/7. Silence is really a beautiful thing, it gives our minds and spirits a chance to relax and disconnect. As a matter of fact, it does not even have to be utter silence, good old white noise like a fan, or sounds of wind from outaside can take you to your ZEN.

Pick up a book: it won’t ever need a charger and you read on your phone all day anyway if you think about.

Go to the bathroom, without your phone: and no, don’t reach out for the new air freshener to read the back of the label. If you can’t the sound of that, bring along the paper or a magazine instead. Besides, watch just how much faster you’ll be out of there!

If you can, consider a landline: Yes, a landline, for proities only. Having a landline phone can help lessen your stress and anxiety levels dramatically because you’re not anticipating the next pop or ding notification or those scam likley calls. You won’t have to be on edge any more.

Avoid slouching down into your phone while with company: Seems like the perfect way to avoid social interaction these days is to bury our faces into these magical screens. Try giving your friend or loved one undivded attention, that won’t do anything but strengthen your relationship while showing your loved one they matter. Besides it can be a bit rude to some too.

Uninstall your favorite social media apps: Getting rid of those colorful black holes of likes , gifs and vines will help you spend less time on your phone as a whole. Ask yourself; how many times have you checked you social media today? So what if you do miss a comment post? If you like to check them, do it on the computer, they might be your favorite pass time but eventually won’t be such a priorty since you can’t check your likes on demand now.

Need to look up something? use that dusty dictionasry if you can help it.

Have more you time: We all need self care and we cannot heal or recharge if we’re too busy listening for ghost notifications. Read a book, take a nap or go for a long walk in the park, whatever helps you recharge.

Put your phone down,and walk away :Less time on your cell will help you reflect on life: Do you have any goals you wish to accomplish? Is there something missing? When was the last time you enjoyed your hobby? Do you have one? Should you?

Bottom line is, I feel like we are entirely too dependent on our cell phones.

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