Homeless Folks Do Matter- Ways To Show You Care

Milwaukee Wisconsin local news have been informing us all about the current homelessness situation Around the city. Over the years, a such thing called Tent City has developed in downtown Milwaukee. Tent City is a colonization of homeless people living in tents that have set up under a popular downtown freeway.

For a while, many of us would drop off food and other necessities to the people for help. Then there’s others who have repeatedly called the city complaining about the view of multicolored tents, recycled sofas, and grocery carts. The city listened to the ones with just want to get rid of them. The city announced in early October of this year, that the residence of this tent city had until October 31st to remove their belongings and leave.

Of course, the biggest question in all of our minds, is where will they go after this? Tonight, I’ll November 9th I asked myself, did they really receive help? Did the city really hold up to what was stated in the news? I’ve always tried to help in any way that I could when I would see someone under distress. It breaks my heart to see people in the middle of an intersection holding signs asking for the least extent of human kindness.

If a homeless person asked you for a dollar, what would you do? Lie and say you don’t have any cash while walking away? Just look down on them and say no? Ignore their plea altogether like they’re not standing there breathing just like you? I’ll give it to them if I have it. I don’t need to know what they’re going to use it for, it is none of my business. It is none of any of our business.  then again I have constituents that contest to my giving in. They tell me they’re just going to use it for drugs! He’s an alcoholic! All he’s going to do is go down the street to the liquor store. Who are you to judge?

You don’t know the situation, I don’t know the situation either, but I can relate to distress. I did not grow up on a happy side of town, I grew up in the projects among those like me. I didn’t necessarily become a product of my environment, but I will never ever forget where I come from. I will forever be humbled by my past and I will always appreciate the roof over my head and the food in my belly. I have taught our child the same. like many other Americans, my family and I are just a couple checks away from being in the exact situation. How could I turn my nose up? These people have a past, there are reasons why they’re sleeping on the pavement or in your local park at night. Homelessness does not determine a person’s educational level, moral compass Etc. 

Homeless people are pretty much not allowed in establishments because the owners don’t want the customers to feel uncomfortable. Homeless people tend to be kicked out whether they have a few dollars or not. Why? Their dollar is just as green as the other person. I digress, if you are just as concerned as I am, and want to help, here are a few ways that you can.

Offer resources Be aware of your surroundings, try to remember about local shelters and local soup kitchens that you can easily direct someone to. Perhaps an outreach program where they can receive hygiene products and clean clothing.

Treat them with respect Just because they live on the street does not mean that they don’t not deserve to be called ma’am or sir. It doesn’t mean that they deserve to be ignored like they don’t exist. They are not rift raft. They have feelings.

Stash some small goody bags in the trunk of your car Nowadays we have been blessed with stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar where you can get affordable budget-friendly products to help. Invest a few dollars on soaps bars, toothbrushes, toothpaste, flushable wipes, face wipes, hand sanitizer, non-perishable foods easy to open. In the wintertime, consider some pairs of gloves and hats oh, some scarves, all you can buy at Dollar Tree literally for a buck. So that day where you pass up an intersection and you see someone struggling, you may not have any money but you’re able to give them a goodie bag with a fresh bottle of water and necessities. 

Donate Donating is a wonderful task that can help others as a blessing as well as unclutter your closet! Do you really need six 6 coats Absolutely not? Offer your time, if you want other ways to help, call your local shelters and soup kitchens and find out where they may need a helping hand. If you are spiritual or religious, pray. I believe that prayer is extremely powerful and can make a difference in someone’s life. 

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  1. This was so on point. You made some really good points. Just like resources and goody bags. Those not bad ideas. God will bless you in so many ways. Just keep doing what you doing.

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