Popeyes, What’s Really Roing On?

Source Popeye’s Chicken

People are going absolutely crazy over Popeye’s Chicken restaurants chicken sandwich that has been revived. But people are really going crazy though.

I’m hearing about all types of chaos going on within those restaurants my brother and I grew up going to. Where I come from, feeling uneasy was not uncommon. But I never felt in danger for my life in a fast food joint!

First one friend tells me about a story involving someone pulling out a gun in the restaurant over the chicken sandwich being sold out, then I hear about someone being stabbed to death over it? Seriously? What’s going on?

Why so much chaos and anger over this fast food item? What is so special about it really? You can easily go to another restaurant and buy a perfectly delicious almost replica of a delightful treat and go on about your day.

I’m always been the type of person to question following the crowds, just because the masses are saying yes, I’m more likely to say why though? Please share your thoughts about why you think this revival has become such a dangerous Trend and addiction?

Just for the record, my family and I will not be going to any Popeyes chicken fast food restaurant chain until this sandwich craze is officially over. Otherwise, I’m absolutely love Popeyes Chicken.

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