Anime For The Spectrum!

Anime (pronounced AH-nee-may ) is a term for a style of Japanese comic book and video cartoon animation in which the main characters have large doe-like eyes. Many Web sites are devoted to animeAnime is the prevalent style in Japanese comic books or manga .”

As a proud mom of an anime fan, this Blog is especially fun for me.
 If your families’ anything like mine, anime has been a part of your household for a pretty long time! Through the recent years I have learned About this super craze. My personal favorite character is Pikachu! My child has a variety of favorite shows and characters but His ultimate icon is Sega Genesis’s Sonic the Hedgehog! A hyper energetic confident hedgehog that travels with super speed. I watched these awesome shows way before I found out he had Aspergers or high functioning autism.

Over the recent years I have figured out that his love for Anime and Minecraft was not a coincidence, Did you know that the famous Pokemon was created by a Japanese man with Aspergers? His name is Tajiri Satoshi which is a huge video game designer known for his awesome creation called Nintendo! Mr. Satoshi is also the founder and CEO of Game Freak. When I told my child that one of his biggest hero is just like him, he was just so overjoyed, I cried a little out of happiness outside his door that night. I was like, ” See babe? Your hero is just like you! You guys are super talented and awesome!”

Minecraft is was that you call a Sandbox game , which means it has no story line or purpose until you create it yourself. Our child and his friends have been big fans of this type of game for years because of the grand open field of imagination. When you open the game, it asks you to personalize it right away! Then it takes you to this beautiful green field of grass blocks to start building . I have seen houses built, fire pits, giant statues, even musical buildings! the options are indeed endless.

Most kids under the spectrum, tend to follow or admire characters that remind them of themselves. Having an open mind is super important for people under the spectrum. The world as we know it looks a bit different sometimes. People with autism can still have trouble socializing with their peers, they may not understand folks and trends.

With social media, a crowd can copy each other because they feel its socially acceptable and the thing to do. Example, the Cinnamon challenge, you might ask yourself, why did so and so do this silly meaningless challenge? Maybe because they thought is was cool since everybody else was doing it. A person with Autism may ask, why would I do that? There is a big play on tonight at the hall and you know the main actor. ” Hey! Break a leg up there! ” If you said that to someone with Autism, they may wonder why you want them to break their leg.

Anime, comic books, and sandbox games can be a very big deal for kids that might want to escape reality for a little bit, sometimes our world makes no sense to them and might be stressful. These works of art encourage the alternative, the left, to be different, to be you no matter what others say. Not everyone wants to follow the norm. Some kids even create their own special avatars. I think everyone should give these a try.

Thanks babe, for helping me with this one:-) .

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  1. Omg I love this blog. So much information. It took me awhile to understand the whole disorder. I got it now and I hope others will get it too. No problem my love. Keep doing your thang βœŒπŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ˜€


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