My 7 Day Fast : Day 6

Well, that’s it folks. I’ve decided in my fast today. This experience definitely gave me a run for my money. So this blog will be a recap on what I have learned and what I plan to do with it.

During this experience, just how fascinating hunger is. Hunger is not just your stomach growling for food, it is more in your head than anything. During this experience I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with my body and ways that I haven’t been for an extremely long time.

During the fast my body was craving certain types of foods, nothing unhealthy. I creamed robusk Hardy bread. I craved healthy Meats like turkey breast or chicken. Sometimes I even crave peanut butter. I love peanut butter! The most everybody wanted was water, and best believe that is what I gave it.

Between these five days, I have lost about 6 pounds. That’s a big deal to me because it’s so hard for me to lose weight in the first place. However, due to my heavy menstrual I have lacked the energy to workout.

I have learned how to discipline myself. Saying no to myself was always hard because throughout my life I felt as though I was deprived of so many things. But this gave me the opportunity to learn how to say no and mean it. Every time I was tempted with a morsel of whatever, as I’m about to grab it I say literally no. And it worked about 95% of the time.

What kept me going with my faith in myself and faith in God, that he would help me through the struggles and The Temptations. I do believe I have become closer to him, and even though I failed at the seven days, I know that he knows I try my best and that is all that matters.

Starting tomorrow I will eat at certain times of the day always. I’m going to stick to a schedule even pre make my meals if I can. I’m so thankful that I’ve had this opportunity and this is definitely not the last time that I choose to fast. Tonight, I had my first real meal and though I wanted to devour every single morsel on my plate, I ate real slow slow and was unable to finish it. I finally can hear my body telling me that enough is enough. I’m going to take this and we’re with it. Peace.

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