My First 7 Day Water Fast- Could YOU Hang?

“Fasting empties the stomach and the mind; freeing up space to refuel our bodies with the Bread of Life.”
― Allene van Oirschot

For a long while now, I have been feeling like something is off in me. My body , mind and spirit is in need of healing. After doing some thinking & some small preparation, I have decided to begin a 7-day water fast and I will be posting every day with good and bad details , actual experiences and updates throughout the entire week. I will be completely honest with myself AND of course my readers. Despite how hard this may be, the fact that you may be watching can be sort of a motivation for me to seek it through all the way!

Since this will be my first time, I am unaware of the outcomes. But I do know it will be a chance for me to become closer to God. As far as the physical aspects, let us see! BY THE WAY, you might just read a few curse words during my journey, sorry and thanks. 🙂

Day 1 : 6:05 A.M. First thing I did was get straight on the scale. My weight is currently at 260.8. Even I though frowned at those horrid numbers on the scale, I still felt excited and determined to go welcome this journey.

It is now 2:01 p.m. and I have craved something yummy only once, My love brought me my favorite muffin with coffee. ( A delectable chocolate chip cookie muffin that’s super moist and buttery with a crisp chocolate chip baked on crumble topping OMG. The coffee is just meh, coffee.)Yes I freaking forgot to announce my fast this morning! Even though my mouth was watering, I had some ice water and the desire subsided. Phew, I’m OK for now.

It’s now 5:37 p.m. and the whole place smells like my spaghetti ‘n meatballs. The garlic bread smell lingers and is so captivating. My stomach had started growling only half an hour ago. The water seems to make it calm down still. Though I’m a little hungry, I am still comfortable and completely able to function like my normal self with ease.

7:43 p.m . I’m still kicking, bible study went great, dog was fed, dinner was served. My stomach’s a little pissed off. Besides the growls, I don’t feel anything different at all so far. My day ‘s pretty much over and now its time to relax. this will be a challenge. Ugh. I am still keeping myself busy, my favorite show is on and I’m just finishing up my second blog, like now. PEACE.

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  1. Just keep running with Jesus and for Jesus. I never fast before beside getting blood work or getting ready for surgery. I know you got it. Keep focus and dont forget to pray if the road get hard. Also dont you give up. Another good blog good luck

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