Dieting: This Fat Girls Has Had Enough!

“food and drink regularly provided or consumed. 2 : habitual nourishment. 3 : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason. 4 : a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight going on a diet.” -Merriam Webster Dictionary

Yes, this is another blog about dieting. However, it’s a little different, I’m not a regular success story with flashy testimonies about how fast I got to my high school size! A fat girl is writing this, all of me, along with my excess hundred pounds. Us plus size girls are the main ones seeking help with a quick-fix or the latest super fad diet to effortlessly annihilate our flaws. Why not elaborate and share more about the Don’ts of dieting ? Why is it so hard?

Don’t #1-Β  Β Don’t lose weight to fit in. If to lose weight is what you really want , figure out what exactly is your reason. A lot of people struggle with weight gain, and it’s not because we all just sit around and stuff our faces with sweets and pizza. THE STIGMA MUST STOP! People can gain weight due to a slow metabolism, a medical hinder, even emotional- eating. I have a hormonal imbalance called Polycystic Ovarian syndrome which can cause you to retain excess weight, especially around the belly, among other nasty symptoms. Also we can gain from not eating enough.

There is no cookie cutter reason. Many times we want to lose weight in order to simply feel attractive, to feel accepted by this vain society. Maybe you want to be noticed for positive reasons instead being the laughing stock. You might be tired of being the elephant in the room, or maybe the stares at restaurants are getting old. All are understandable arguments, but if you choose to change yourself, do it for you and you only. Others may want to shed those pounds for health reasons, they want to alleviate the hearts pressure to keep up, maybe your back or knees hurt all the time due to the stress.

Don’t #2: Don’t swear off all of your treats at once. Over the years I have learned that every single time I swear off my sweet treats, The more likely I am to binge as soon as I get tripped by a little rock. I have personally learned that using a little of your ( I don’t mean half a pack of Oreos. And no, adding healthy peanut butter to those chocolaty super yummy sandwich cookies doesn’t mean they are now a nutritious snack!)favorite junk food as rewards can help you stay on track for the long run.

Don’t #3: Don’t psych yourself out if you’re on track . If you have noticed you’ve lost 6 lbs within 2 weeks or something, yes it is okay to celebrate! But don’t celebrate with a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s. All you’re doing is filling up the space you evacuated with more junk. A small portion should be okay.

Don’t #4: Don’t start until you are ready mentally. The point of a diet is to restrict what you consume in order to drop down in size. We all want to lose a quick 10, 20, 50, even a hundred pounds. but how long do we really want it to last? Forever. Though, there’s something we have to think about, if we lost that hundred pounds with that diet, do we plan to stay on that diet forever? NO. We must change our lifestyle and how we look at food.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is changing your lifestyle all together when it comes to food. Change the way you look at food, understand that our meals are for survival not for entertainment or consolation. I’ve always have understood that, but my particular problem is I have what you call inconsistency. If you need a jump start, its okay, there is nothing wrong with that! Always remember that making such a big change requires consistency and plenty of willpower.

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