It’s In Your Size, But Should You Wear it?

You ever walk into a super hip store for one thing ,you grab it but then you find yourself absolutely stunned by something else?

A jumpsuit perhaps, looks just like what that drop dead gorgeous social media model was wearing last month. The colors are popping, they happen to be your colors! The outfit is screaming yes! pick me! You hover over and take a peek, what? It’s in your size too? oh yeah, this is fate.

You’re so excited you don’t even try it on. You go up to the front desk and gladly make the purchase. When you get home and try it on…. Perplexed maybe? Does putting on that matching lipstick help? How about a few extra accessories? No? Fail.

Turns out your match made in Fashion-Heaven is a total fail. The top buttons won’t stay put or the front zipper won’t go past your rib cage. Hips curvy enough or no? Too baggy in the wrong place? Your butt looks more square than a juicy round everything is just awkward ! Yet still , it came in your size right?

While you were on your way back to the store with your hopes shot down, how did you feel? Embarrassed? Disappointed? Or just irritated because you had to go back out? Why do you think it didn’t fit right? I mean, it was in your size.

The sad truth about women, is that sometimes we like to compare ourselves to others. We compare everything from our hair, all the way down to the shape of our big toe. Either way we may nitpick out of jealousy or maybe we just have goals on how we would like to look one day. Another reason we compare is to feel better about ourselves. I know it’s sad.

The girl I’m writing about can be a piece of all of us. The main reason she bought the outfit in the first place was because she was inspired by someone else. Perhaps in her mind she thought that she would look exactly like the woman on the post? What do you think the girl really wanted? To have the outfit or to look like the model?

I believe it’s great to think out the box! But she could pick something more flattering to her own body shape. Most important, try it before you buy it! We are made in all different shapes and sizes. Some women might have fuller thighs and hips while some of us don’t do have much curve at all. Some can maintain a flat tummy with ease while others live with a pudge or two. What if you had a baby? Sometimes, life can be super hard on us, soul and body. We as women should stop self body shaming ourselves and embrace our curves and swerves.

This is for all my plump and slim sisters. Remember, Just because it’s technically in your size doesn’t mean you’ll fit just right.

2 thoughts on “It’s In Your Size, But Should You Wear it?

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  1. You make a good point on trying on the outfit at the store. I know I really dont try on the clothes when I shop. Also never knew woman judges themselves to one another wow. Not saying its bad or not just my opinion. Good blog Kristle.

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