88NINE Milwaukee, Why They Always Make My Day

Radio Milwaukee is actually celebrating their 12th year anniversary! Where was I? I just found out about this awesome station a little over three years ago. I’d just like to tell you about their cause and how much it means to me as a person.

After a very long and stressful day, it was time for me to cook for the family. I searched the available FM stations on my Boombox and everything was either super stat icky or extremely commercialized repeating the same music over and over again. I have to admit I was very frustrated , until I attempted to turn the Boombox off and accidentally buttoned my way to 88NINE.

They were playing beautiful Latin music, after that they played something I’ve never heard before which come to find out was by a Milwaukee native! How often can you sit back and enjoy musicΒ  that’s being created locally? Every day since then they have been offering a very eclectic feel, some Neo-Soul and Jazz, some Latin music ,hip hop, blues, Woodstock classics and more . In other words I could never get bored with their selections.Β  Not to mention 88.9 is very dedicated to Milwaukee organizations and causes, since I’m not into social media, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have known about current events and events to come within the city.

This is a radio station that Embraces and celebrates diversity!  my personal passions include education, I really appreciate the fact that they are also involved with Milwaukee Public Schools. Milwaukee Public Schools have always struggled to provide kids from urban neighborhoods Academic Excellence. Unfortunately MPS does not have as much to all the fancy teaching supplies, extra curriculars , best text books, reading and teaching materials like their suburban counter-parts. On particular nights 88NINE airs monthly Board of director meetings, and also report about what’s going on with MPS. This station is unlike any other station I am aware of, it is not only here to provide  beautiful music, but it is also an organization within itself .

Radio Milwaukee is actually supported by donors, members, Community Partners, Underwriters and volunteers. If you are indeed interested in their organization, please feel free to check out they’re full reports on their website. 88NINE Radio Milwaukee offers free tours  at their Studio each Thursday at 4:30 . If you are interested in touring their facility, please click the link below and fill out the quick form under About us. I’ve written this blog as a thank you to 88NINE for helping me with my stress levels while exposing me to Milwaukee’s beautiful culture.

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  1. I have to be honest, this radio station have laid back music and relaxing music also. Some songs I know and Im like oh wow. If you tried of the some old music listen to 88nine Milwaukee.

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