8 Charming Reasons Why You Might Want To Pick a Cat And Not a Dog

What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

-Charles Dickens

As a devoted cat lady, I feel it is my duty to share why cats may be the perfect fit for you or someone you love! If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry puff-ball to your home, here you’ll catch some insight on just a few cool kitty perks that might help you decide.

We all have different reasons why we want a new pet. Some want a new pet for more protection or may be looking for stress relief from everyday life. One of the main reasons seem to be the desire for that special companionship, that bond. How about all the above?

Now, let get on with it shall we?

  1. Cats ADORE peace, order and quiet– If you like peace and tranquility in your home, kitty’s’ got your back! Dogs want squeaky noises and fast-paced fun all day til burn out, and Fido wants you to join them the whole time! Because cats are mostly nocturnal , they love to relax and sleep almost all day long. If kitty gets bored, she’ll play with you or by herself with all her mite, but she’ll do it quietly!
  2. Cats hold a natural healing power– Sometimes everyday life can be quite stressful, and some of us may suffer with anxiety. To help heal , your cat may simply purr for you. A cat’s purr has many meanings behind them besides happiness, it could also mean she’s worried about you. The vibrations of your kitty’s purr can naturally and therapeutically calm you down during distress. So if you’re feeling down and she begins to purr near you, it means she knows your’re sad and wants to comfort you. πŸ™‚
  3. Cats don’t EVER have to be walked– Your felines can get all the activity they need right at home, they’re much more likely to prefer to stay inside. Dogs need to be walked several times a day which can be difficult. Break out the non-alcoholic PiΓ±a Coladas because its smooth sailing from here!
  4. Cats love independence- Your kitty is a very clever, analytical and prideful creature that likes to take care of itself without having to beg all the time. That is why she does not like change is order, she will be much happier if her eating and litter grounds stay the same.
  5. Cats like to do their own thing- Unlike dogs that mostly beg all day long for your undivided attention, cats know the importance of boundaries and what me-time means! Kitties can also meet you at the door when they miss you, cuddle up during a movie and give you sweet head bumps to say “I love you, mom/dad!” They enjoy alone time as much we do, so they will know to give you space.
  6. Just like Fido, Once you build that bond, kitty will be loyal to you forever- If you and your feline are especially close, its not because you chose her, its really because she chose you. Cats aren’t usually open to trusting just anyone, so your company shouldn’t expect much. When it comes to them, its not all about treats and toys, you can’t bribe them for their affection, you have to earn it.
  7. Cats are more budget friendly- The average Joe has to cough up a monthly estimate between $20- $50 for food, toys, poop bags, new leashes, flea collars, more new toys, treats and more to maintain one pooch. That “guess-timate” does not include grooming, my people! Cats not only clean themselves but they also fix their own claws. A cats’ tough tongue and saliva act like an all-in-one washcloth moistened with antibiotic soap! win-win! They also don’t eat nearly as much as dogs. Not to say kitties won’t ever be naughty (beware of couch scratching post).
  8. Cats will mostly meow only to communicate with you- Over time your furry feline will begin to meow in different tones and vibrations as if they’re talking to you, cats understand that we as humans communicate through sound so they try what’s best. Kitties talk to each other by head butting , gestures and even butt sniffing, yes butt sniffing. You’ll begin to notice that certain meows mean a particular thing, one might mean “my bowl is empty.” while another might mean ” i’m so bored, lets play!”
  9. Cats are excellent for apartments or smaller homes- If you live in a small couple bedroom apartment, a big beautiful doberman might not be the best idea. However, a cat is perfectly happy regardless of home size just as long as she has a few windows, somewhere to hide for a nap and everything else she needs.

What you have read are only a few of many reasons why a cat might be a better fit for you and your family. Or maybe they confirm why you might prefer a dog, or maybe both! I have 2 cats along with a puppy. It’s really, really, really hard, but doable.

  • Fun Fact! If your cat approaches you and his tail is pointed straight up and twitching, it means he is excited and super happy to see you!

4 thoughts on “8 Charming Reasons Why You Might Want To Pick a Cat And Not a Dog

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  1. I wish I’d read this before getting my furbabies, my doggies 😁. I’m a cat & dog lover though. Such a well-written post. It was informative and witty. Thank you for the insight on having a cat as a pet. Awesome 1st blog!!! Congrats πŸ™ŒπŸΏ

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  2. I must say that cats have a unique personality and they are very loyal to their owners. In fact I know first hand that a cat as well as a dog have saved many lives by recognizing and identifying the scent of a human illness through the scent of chemical changes

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  3. Good morning Mrs. Bowie. Im loving your ne blog. Well im both. I love cats and dogs. You made a good point. Cats will love on you, play by themselves and play with you. On the other had a dog is a man best friend. They are loyal and help to protect the house. True some dog are a fireball πŸ˜†. What to play alot with you. On the other had having a dog will have you ready for a child no bs. So thank you for your blog I hope I see more.

    Liked by 1 person

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